Age: 38
Job: IT Project Manager
Weight (Before): 72kg
Weight (Now): 67kg

What was it about CrossFit that first appealed to you?

As a late comer to fitness, I took up running in early 2007 (after being ‘encouraged’ by my wife), with the aim of doing the Manchester 10k in May 2007. I completed it in just under 1 hour (literally by seconds) and from there fitness became a big part of my life. I went on to complete the London Marathon in 2008 and the Dublin Marathon 2010 as well as some shorter distance races in between, mainly as training for marathons. After completing the London Marathon in 2008, I joined my local gym, mainly to use the treadmills and to do the odd Spinning class. However once I had done my second marathon (and all the training that went with it), I needed something new to get stuck into and to motivate me to keep going in my quest to be ‘Fit’. I had heard of this new gym opening called ‘CrossFit’, and ventured along for my first class, and will admit to be quite scared!! I hadn’t ever done weights or lifting stuff and thought it would not be for me. After my first class I wasn’t sure and left it a couple of weeks before venturing back. Gradually over the next few weeks I did more and more classes, learning new skills and doing stuff I didn’t think I was capable of doing (I’ll never forget the feeling of my first 100kg deadlift!). The more I learnt, the more I wanted to learn and as I got fitter, and more people started to take part, it became clear that this was for me.

How has CrossFit changed your lifestyle?

In every way, CrossFit has changed my life, how fit I am (the fittest I have ever been), the friends I have made, the food I eat, even the clothes I wear! I even joined Facebook to keep up to date with what was going on in the world of CrossFit. I love the community we have formed in Clitheroe and all the new friends I have made. I also really enjoy going to competitions all over the UK to watch our top athletes and CrossFitters from other boxes compete. I find them very inspiring and always want to get back and push myself that bit harder having watched others do the same.

Do you eat cleaner than you previously did?

Although I don’t follow Paleo, I do eat ‘Cleaner’ than I used too – I certainly think a lot more about what food I am putting in my body, what quality it is and how it may affect my training that day or the following day. Like most of us I still enjoy the odd takeaway or trip to Nando’s but tend to make better choices than I used to. I do find though that I seem to eat more and yet I have lost weight – now that’s the kind of diet I like!

How many times a week do you do CrossFit?

I normally do CrossFit 4-5 times a week, as well as CrossFit Endurance and Spinning classes, occasionally with some running thrown in depending on if I am training for a race. I particularly enjoy Team Games on a Saturday morning and the longer workouts on a Sunday. I don’t always do the same classes every week as ‘Routine is the enemy!!’, but mix it up depending on how I feel – if my body tells me it’s had enough then I will take a rest day.

Has it helped you with your job in any way?

No not really however I have got some of my colleagues interested in it and having been helping one particular guy with his training and his quest to lose weight which seems to be working for him.

What was your original goal when joining?

I had no real goal when I joined, it was more a case of trying something new to keep my training going and keep me fit. However once I got into CrossFit, I suddenly had a whole load of new skills to learn and new goals to achieve, and over the last 18 months I have been working to achieve them, and making progress! I know I still have much to learn and still have many skills to master (kipping pull ups and doubleunders are my nemesis!) but I feel I have made so much progress since joining that I want to keep going and know that with the support of everyone at our box, I will get there.

What do you like about the CrossFit community?

Aside the training, the CrossFit community is the single best part of this sport. I have made so many friends, people who like me want to get better at CrossFit and just feel fitter and better about themselves and support you every time you attend a class which you then return regardless of if they are better than you or not. It’s a real family affair (in fact 4 members of my family go, including my 7 year old nephew!) and we all do everything we can to support each other until we have done the last rep!


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