Liz Campbell

Liz Campbell

Age: 36
Job: Health & Safety Manager
Weight (Before): 74kg
Weight (Now): 62kg

What was it about CrossFit that first appealed to you?

I knew very little about Crossfit before I joined, all that I knew was that Chris Templeman is a great coach and I wanted to be at the gym where he taught which meant leaving the gym I had been a member of for 11 years and following Chris as he opened Crossfit Clitheroe.

How has CrossFit changed your lifestyle?

Although it sounds very sad, Crossfit really has changed my lifestyle, as you get older, you look for something different, a change from the normal routine and Crossfit offered that, I now have a hobby that I really enjoy and one that has significantly changed the way that I look and feel for the better. As well as a hobby I participate in, I now also have a sport that enjoy watching, something I have not had before, spectating and supporting friends that are good at the sport is really enjoyable. My eldest son (age 7) also goes to Crossfit making it more than a hobby that I undertake on my own, as well as participating in the sport he also loves to attend competitions and support others, this has meant that me and him have had some great weekends away together. Hopefully one day I will be going to watch him compete!!!
Do you eat cleaner than you previously did? If so tell us why and whether is has helped.

When I first joined Crossfit I didn’t eat any differently but then along with a few other members I decided to give Eat Clean November a go and was surprised how eating mainly Paleo makes you feel much better. I now stick to a type of Paleo the majority of the time with the odd cheat day. Eating this way does make you feel better as well as helps to maintain or loose weight.
How many times a week do you do CrossFit?

Too many!! I Crossfit everyday and then also tend to do spinning, endurance or strength and power most days as well.